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    Honey for your Soul — care deeply

    Live Simply, Love Generously, Care Deeply, Speak Kindly

    Hi! My name is Chloe and I work in the fulfillment department at Soul Honey. My favorite thing about Soul Honey is the positive influence it has on people. It is truly incredible to witness the impact an encouraging quote can have on someone. Every time I wear my Soul Honey apparel (which is pretty much every day) I get complimented and asked where it’s from. It is a huge blessing to share the mission and vision of Soul Honey with those around me. 


    My favorite Soul Honey quote comes from former President Ronald Reagan. The quote reads, “Live Simply, Love Generously, Care Deeply, Speak Kindly.”  


    Live Simply:

    One aspect of living simply is enjoying the little things. What I have come to realize is with having multiple jobs, two dogs, and being pregnant with our first child, it is easy to lose sight of the little things. My guess is you feel the same way. Right now, the little things in my life are decorating our house for Christmas and our Tuesday night tradition of eating dinner on the couch while watching This Is Us. In the midst of a world that tries to teach us life is about exotic vacations, fancy cars, and Instagram likes, I strive to live simply. 


    Love Generously:

    This world needs love. Desperately. We’re talking extravagant, no strings attached, “what’s gotten into you?” type of love. We have the opportunity to show love in a wide variety of ways. A smile or “hello” can make someone’s day. Holding the door open or simply letting someone know you’re thinking about them portrays generous love.  There are countless opportunities to love generously every day. Generous love also includes those who may not necessarily deserve it. :)


    Care Deeply:

    Why is it so hard to share the genuine, raw, unedited version of ourselves on social media? Because we care deeply. Unfortunately, we care deeply about what others think of us, rather than us caring deeply about others. Our culture needs more people who genuinely care about others and put their needs first. Caring often means sacrificing something for the good of the other person. Who in your life needs to know they are loved and cared for?




    Speak Kindly:

    Words are powerful. What comes out of our mouths has the ability to build up and tear down. My love language is words of affirmation, so words mean everything to me. Harsh words from elementary school still play in the back of my mind. However, the opposite it also true. A kind word can stick with someone for the rest of their lives. Let’s challenge ourselves to speak kindly to others and seek to build up rather than tear down.  


    My hope is this quote speaks truth into your life. And furthermore, that you would use it to speak truth into someone else’s life. Soul Honey’s mission is to create quality clothing with a positive message. May the words on our clothing be the Honey for your Soul!