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    Honey for your Soul

    What's To Come

    What's To Come

    Hey friends,

    I have talked about the changes coming to the company this year and unfortunately I still can't say too much, but here is a sneak peak at what is coming this Spring. These are the colors I am being inspired by currently and will heavily influence our new collection!

    Stay tuned. :) 



    2020: New Year, New Us

    2020: New Year, New Us

    Hi Friends! 

    Happy New Year! How has a new year already come and gone again? Goodness, it seems like the longer times goes on, the quicker it flies by!

    I have been so bad about posting blogs recently, but one of my personal work goals for this year is to start blogging more as I really do love it, so here goes nothing 2020! 

    First of all, if you are reading this post the day it comes out, our annual Site Wide Clear Out Sale is now LIVE! We have sales every so often, but this is always our biggest sale to clear out of inventory that will not be coming with us into the new year, as we are making space for what is to come. I kinda love it. It is symbolic of a new year and new beginnings for the company and you all get awesome deals. Win, win. :) 

    Next, I wanted to update you all on the changes that came to the company this last year. Good and bad. Because let's be honest, you can't run a company without both happening!

    This last year, to be completely transparent, was the most difficult year thus far. We turned four years old and you would think the speed bumps would get smaller as time goes on and you get a handle on things, yet they seemed to be larger and seem to come much more frequently. Here is a little insight and overview of everything that happened this last year. We launched the custom Louise long sleeve. I couldn't love this top any more. Custom made in Los Angeles, this top took me 2 years to get made and it's finally perfect. Social media changed. A lot. We have done all of our marketing through social media via influencers in the past, so this was a major change to the company to say the least. We are still shifting and figuring out how to combat this. It is such a bummer! We launched tons of new designs, styles, colors, etc. Actresses like Eva Longoria, Charlize Theron, and Gabrielle Union wore Soul Honey, which to be honest, was the coolest thing ever. We found a new marketing team to work with. We had some partnerships work out really well, some not so much. I learned that the company has a huge potential in the wholesale market, a market which I never really invested in until recently. (So if you have a local store you think should sell Soul Honey, please email us and we will give you a discount code!) We hired new employees, worked with new warehouses. Had good deals, bad deals. I could go on. All in all, I am thankful. To run this company and to call it my work. To spend my days designing product and fulfilling packages, answering emails, all with the same mission in mind. That Good Words Inspire. Those three words will always be what motivates me and what is the heartbeat of this company. Cozy clothing is great, but to me, the product will always be the vehicle in which we spread our positive message. 

    In 2020 we have the biggest changes coming to the company that we have ever had! I could not be more excited or ready. 

    Thank YOU for your continued support and enthusiasm for Soul Honey! This year may start off a bit slower than normal for us as we gear up for all the changes coming, but come Spring, we will be ready to rock and roll.

    Wishing you and yours a blessed new year! (and don't forget to shop our sale!)



    4 Year Anniversary !!!

    4 Year Anniversary !!!

    4 years. 

    Where does the time go?

    It seems like it was just yesterday that I was an 18 year old moving out to Los Angeles, a city I had never been to before, to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Fast forward nearly 2 years and I was moving back to Arizona to start a t-shirt line. Entrepreneurship, let alone fashion, was something I never saw myself working in, but looking back, it is overwhelming to see how everything in my life worked together perfectly to equip me to start this company. I consider it one of the greatest privileges and blessings of my life! 

    As I reflect on these past four years there are incredible peaks and valleys. The peaks you often see, the valleys you most likely don't. The peaks being incredible partnerships with women who believe in and even better, live out our mission. To spread that good words inspire. The companies and relationships in the manufacturing business, in which I was telling my dad recently over a Five Guys Burger, that I feel like I am finally in a spot that I have struck gold with my manufacturing team. Unfortunately many of my lows these past four years were due to issues in this same department. Stolen money, faulty product, late deadlines, just to name a few, so to have the team I have is something I am incredibly thankful for. It's not perfect, but considering the business, it's pretty darn close. 

    Something I always have prided myself on with this company is the heart in which we put into every product we sell. It is my personal goal that if someone spends their hard earned money with us, that they will get the best product possible. This aways starts with the quote or saying on the shirt. To me, this will always trump style, fabric, color and so on, as the good words are the point of this thing. To me, the shirts and hats have always been the vehicle in which we can spread some sort of goodness in a world that can often feel like it lacks just that. To put a smile on the cashier's face, the grandpa in line for his flight, or you, the customer wearing the product. That you would be inspired to not just wear the good words, but to live out. Because as we say often, Good Words Inspire. Once I pick a quote or a Bee saying, we move on to production. What style, color, fabric, font, etc. goes with that quote. This is a process that can come to me quickly or can take months. I go back and forth with my graphic designer, manufacturers, print house, embroidery shop, college students that work for me, my family and firends, just to name a few. When a product arrives at your door, it is seen and worked on by a minimum of 5 warehouses (ex: fabric mill, cut/sew/dye house, print house, tagging, off to our warehouse). I say all this as my hope is you will know how thankful we are for your support. That when you buy a hat or a shirt, we have worked hard to give you exactly what we would want to receive. I was interviewed about a year ago for a podcast and one of the women said to me, "It's like everything is made with so much heart." And my response to that was, "Sometimes something may seem like it was made with heart because it actually was." I will leave it at that. 

    Before I wrap this up, I could never write a post about another year in the books without mentioning my family. As I mentioned, one of the greatest privileges and blessings in my life is running this company, yet something that far surpasses that are the people that have been there for the good and the bad. First, my Dad. My lawyer, advice giver, friend and the person I look up to most. I simply couldn't do it without him. Quite literally. He has supported me while we have been on top and dug the company out of the trenches in the lowest times. And honestly, if I am ever lacking motivation, I tell myself, if anything, do it for Dad. My Mom. Lisa knows no stranger and when someone compliments her when she is wearing Soul Honey, you betcha she is making them follow our instagram account and proceeds to tell them all about what we stand for. She is a far better saleswoman than I am and I love her enthusiasm for what we have grown (and an occasional pick me up tea on long work days)! My Sisters, Sarah and Katie. They model for me, answer daily questions on whether or not they like a quote, a color, a style and so on. Katie is one of the models on our website currently and Sarah, along with her precious babes, are all over our instagram. Sarah is actually on her way over as I write this as I need a photo for the anniversary tomorrow and I put it off, shocker! They are my built in best friends and have been there for me in practically every way possible. My Brother, Matthew. I always laugh because I used to think he didn't think Soul Honey was cool, but then I talk to his girlfriends and they tell me how he talks about the company all the time. For some reason, I am so proud that he is proud of me. He is the baby of the family and will probably be a more successful entrepreneur than me one day, but for now, I will soak in being "better" than him (only reason I am better is because he doesn't have a company, HA!). Also, he is a killer photographer and helps me out all the time. Lastly, my Brothers in Law. Kendall and David. They support their wives, so it's basically like supporting me, right? HA! Just kidding. They are so kind and always so interested. I actually recall not to long ago after David and Katie got married, they moved to Arizona and David asked me, "So, like, what do you even do in a day?". It is actually a hard question to answer David! All in all, those are my people, and what they mean to me and in turn, the company, is more than I could ever express. 

    Lastly, to you, the customer. I wish I could give you the biggest hug. To say thank you and chat about life. To ask why the quote you chose means something to you or why you connect with that bee saying. I am still young (24 to be exact), but as I get older, one thing I am learning more and more is to live with great empathy towards others. I have found more often than not, the reason why someone connects with the words on our shirts goes much deeper than the fact that they just like the quote or saying. They have experienced those words in life already and want to continue to spread that message. Unfortunately, this can stem from a tragic life event or life lesson learned the hard way, which has led them to believing the words to be true. Or, maybe they are just altogether a happy person, so "Bee Happy" on a bright orange beanie just makes sense! It can go either way, but to me, that is just so cool! Thank you for letting us be a small part of your lives. Even if it is just in wearing our hat on your favorite hike, a sweatshirt on a morning coffee shop run, or in our cozy t-shirts to do mundane things like going to the dentist (sorry to any dentist who is reading this, just came to mind!), you are helping us spread good words and letting me live out my dream, to run this company. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Truly, I hope I can meet you one day and express my gratitude in person. 

    That's it for this year, friends! God is good and I have a feeling year 5 is going to my most favorite yet, as what we have coming in 2020 we have never done before and I can not wait!

    Enjoy 30% off today with code: 4YEARS at checkout! 

    Happy shopping! Now go spread Honey for your Soul. 


    Abby Tooker

    Founder and CEO






    2019 - Let's Do This!

    2019 - Let's Do This!

    Hey friends , it's been a minute since I have been on here and in 2019 I plan to change that. I am so excited to see what this year has in store. New product (y'all, SO excited), a new line launching (mens or children - take your guess), new collaborations and so much more. But most importantly to me, another year that we spread our mission that Good Words Inspire. It is impossible without you, our loyal customers, so thank you, thank you, thank you! 

    As Minor Myers Jr. said, "Go into the world and do good." I think this is the perfect reminder at the beginning of a new year. That whether you are a lawyer, teacher, accountant, stay at home mom, influencer and so on, what you do matters. A lot. May everything we do this year align with his words. 

    Let's do this 2019! Here at Soul Honey we are excited and ready for you!

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful year! 



    Founder and CEO - Soul Honey

    Three Years Old

    Three Years Old

    Three Years. 

    Three incredible, hard, wonderful years. On one hand it seems much longer than that, but then on the other hand it seems like it has come and gone in the blink of an eye.

    A lot has changed and evolved in Soul Honey over these past three years. Product changes, employee changes, manufacturing changes, and so on. However, one thing has always stayed the same. The mission. My goal has been and still is the same. That the words on our product would inspire you. And then inspire action in your life. My hope is that when you put our product on each day, it influences your thinking for the better.

    Likewise, my hope is that everyone who see you wearing our product feels inspired or, maybe, that it just puts a smile on their face. There is something sort of magical about reading a shirt that says "Kind people are my kinda people." or "Do small things with great love." Hopefully it makes them think, "That is just for me today!  I agree with you!" In some small way, it's as if you've connected with them on a deep level without saying a word. I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty cool, that what you say on the outside can say a lot about who you are on the inside. 

    I could go on and on about how much I have enjoyed these past three years. They have been far from perfect, but running this company has transformed me in ways I am incredibly thankful for. I consider it a privilege to wake up and do my job. Truly, I am not an overly emotional person, yet I feel as if I could burst into tears of my tremendous gratitude for all that I have been blessed with in Soul Honey!

    However, my favorite part of years coming and going is the ability to reflect on the people that have helped me get here. Good or bad. I have learned from them all. So below are the people I want to publicly thank. Without their support, guidance and love, Soul Honey would not be what it is to this day. 

    First, my family. Thank you seems so insignificant. You have been my biggest cheerleaders and I truly feel the greatest blessing in my life is you all. I feel so undeserving of your support and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

    My closest friends. The family you choose for yourself. You know who you are. I love you more than you will ever know! Thank you for being there for me over these past three years. 

    Anyone I work with daily. Tatum, head of packaging, my printing team, my manufacturing company, my marketing team, Hannah, my graphic designer, my PO Box and every mail man that has hauled Soul Honey packages all over the States (and sometimes the world!). It is not lost on me that there is a laundry list of people that help a company become successful. When you find the right people, hold on to them tightly. Treat them right. They are rare to come by, yet vital to making everything run smoothly. I appreciate your hard work and deep dedication more than you will ever know! Sitting here right now, I can say with all confidence I hope you all are here in another three years. Again, thank you!

    Lastly, my incredible customers. I remember the first time I saw a photo of a woman that I didn't know wearing a Soul Honey shirt. She was walking around Central Park in a shirt that read, "May you be happy always." It was exhilarating and quite mind blowing. I couldn't believe that my dreams at the age of 19 grew into an actual product that people I never met were wearing around the United States. Then I saw a young girl wearing a shirt that read "Do small things with great love." around a local outdoor shopping area in Scottsdale, AZ. I will never forget running up to her and telling her I owned Soul Honey. She told me she got the shirt in the mail that day and just had to wear it out. However, my favorite part was when her grandma chimed in and said she had been raving about this local company that was all about doing good! I took a photo and gave her a big hug. It is still one of my most favorite memories to date. All that to say, I still get as excited as I did back then. Whether it is my friends wearing my product or complete strangers, it is an incredible feeling to know that so many of you have not only enjoyed our product, but helped spread our message. So whether you have purchased or simply followed along, thank you so, so much. I most likely won't meet many of you in person, but I truly wish I could. So instead or until we meet, I am giving you the biggest hug via your screen that you could receive. :) 

    All in all, here's to another 3 years!

    Enjoy 30% off today. Our biggest SALE to date. Code: THREEYEARS at checkout. 

    Happy Shipping!


    Abby - Founder and CEO Soul Honey