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Honey for your Soul

2019 - Let's Do This!

2019 - Let's Do This!

Hey friends , it's been a minute since I have been on here and in 2019 I plan to change that. I am so excited to see what this year has in store. New product (y'all, SO excited), a new line launching (mens or children - take your guess), new collaborations and so much more. But most importantly to me, another year that we spread our mission that Good Words Inspire. It is impossible without you, our loyal customers, so thank you, thank you, thank you! 

As Minor Myers Jr. said, "Go into the world and do good." I think this is the perfect reminder at the beginning of a new year. That whether you are a lawyer, teacher, accountant, stay at home mom, influencer and so on, what you do matters. A lot. May everything we do this year align with his words. 

Let's do this 2019! Here at Soul Honey we are excited and ready for you!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful year! 



Founder and CEO - Soul Honey

Three Years Old

Three Years Old

Three Years. 

Three incredible, hard, wonderful years. On one hand it seems much longer than that, but then on the other hand it seems like it has come and gone in the blink of an eye.

A lot has changed and evolved in Soul Honey over these past three years. Product changes, employee changes, manufacturing changes, and so on. However, one thing has always stayed the same. The mission. My goal has been and still is the same. That the words on our product would inspire you. And then inspire action in your life. My hope is that when you put our product on each day, it influences your thinking for the better.

Likewise, my hope is that everyone who see you wearing our product feels inspired or, maybe, that it just puts a smile on their face. There is something sort of magical about reading a shirt that says "Kind people are my kinda people." or "Do small things with great love." Hopefully it makes them think, "That is just for me today!  I agree with you!" In some small way, it's as if you've connected with them on a deep level without saying a word. I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty cool, that what you say on the outside can say a lot about who you are on the inside. 

I could go on and on about how much I have enjoyed these past three years. They have been far from perfect, but running this company has transformed me in ways I am incredibly thankful for. I consider it a privilege to wake up and do my job. Truly, I am not an overly emotional person, yet I feel as if I could burst into tears of my tremendous gratitude for all that I have been blessed with in Soul Honey!

However, my favorite part of years coming and going is the ability to reflect on the people that have helped me get here. Good or bad. I have learned from them all. So below are the people I want to publicly thank. Without their support, guidance and love, Soul Honey would not be what it is to this day. 

First, my family. Thank you seems so insignificant. You have been my biggest cheerleaders and I truly feel the greatest blessing in my life is you all. I feel so undeserving of your support and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

My closest friends. The family you choose for yourself. You know who you are. I love you more than you will ever know! Thank you for being there for me over these past three years. 

Anyone I work with daily. Tatum, head of packaging, my printing team, my manufacturing company, my marketing team, Hannah, my graphic designer, my PO Box and every mail man that has hauled Soul Honey packages all over the States (and sometimes the world!). It is not lost on me that there is a laundry list of people that help a company become successful. When you find the right people, hold on to them tightly. Treat them right. They are rare to come by, yet vital to making everything run smoothly. I appreciate your hard work and deep dedication more than you will ever know! Sitting here right now, I can say with all confidence I hope you all are here in another three years. Again, thank you!

Lastly, my incredible customers. I remember the first time I saw a photo of a woman that I didn't know wearing a Soul Honey shirt. She was walking around Central Park in a shirt that read, "May you be happy always." It was exhilarating and quite mind blowing. I couldn't believe that my dreams at the age of 19 grew into an actual product that people I never met were wearing around the United States. Then I saw a young girl wearing a shirt that read "Do small things with great love." around a local outdoor shopping area in Scottsdale, AZ. I will never forget running up to her and telling her I owned Soul Honey. She told me she got the shirt in the mail that day and just had to wear it out. However, my favorite part was when her grandma chimed in and said she had been raving about this local company that was all about doing good! I took a photo and gave her a big hug. It is still one of my most favorite memories to date. All that to say, I still get as excited as I did back then. Whether it is my friends wearing my product or complete strangers, it is an incredible feeling to know that so many of you have not only enjoyed our product, but helped spread our message. So whether you have purchased or simply followed along, thank you so, so much. I most likely won't meet many of you in person, but I truly wish I could. So instead or until we meet, I am giving you the biggest hug via your screen that you could receive. :) 

All in all, here's to another 3 years!

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Happy Shipping!


Abby - Founder and CEO Soul Honey

New Collaboration: Ashley Petrone

New Collaboration: Ashley Petrone

In a world where it seems we can constantly tell ourselves lies while scrolling through another's instagram that we are not pretty enough, skinny enough, rich enough and so on, there are the Ashley Petrone's out there that bring you back down to reality and just make you smile. 

At least that's what Ashley did for me. 

It is my job to spend countless hours searching for influencers. This can range from your typical mommy blogger or fashion blogger, to reality TV stars and so on. I find that I have to be oddly critical of who I align Soul Honey with. If I run a company that is all about putting positivity and goodness into the world, I want the people that the company aligns itself with to do the same. 

The influencers I have personally always connected with where the brutally honest ones. The ones who didn't just show you their highlight real, although fun to see, but were vulnerable with what they were going through in life. They share the good and the great, while being realistic about the fact that sometimes life is just hard. And at the end of the day, they just make you smile. You feel as if, in some odd way, that you have found a friend in them. To me, those are a few reasons why I think this age of influencers is actually quite amazing!

Now, insert Ashley Petrone again. 

I was scrolling through my suggested feed on Soul Honey when I came across this stunningly gorgeous mom with her beautiful curly haired girl. I wandered over to her page and fell in love with her photography, lifestyle and writing right away. At the time, Ashley, along with her husband Dino and their three children were living in an RV on their plot of land in San Clemente, California. Awaiting zoning rights to build their dream home, they sold all they had and lived the simple life. Ashley shared the kids love for running up the hills of their land, nights outside roasting s'mores, the struggles of 5 people living in close quarters with one bathroom and so on. I found every post or story Ashley uploaded, I was more and more inspired. Inspired to decorate in a different way. Dress a different way. Think and have a new perspective on what is a want in life and what is a necessity. And of course, how to let your hair down and just have fun! If you follow Ashley, you will know that she is constantly dancing and singing with her family. It is just the best! 

Most recently, Ashley and her family have packed up and headed to Northern California. Her husband, Dino, got a new job and as Ashley shared so openly, they held out open hands and were ready to take on anything that came their way, even if that meant moving away from family within a few short weeks. These past few weeks, Ashley has moved her whole family into an apartment and as of Friday, a new home. Started renovations, getting her kiddos into school and so on, all while designing a collaboration with us. 

Yeah, I know, she really is wonder woman. 

You rarely see a sponsored post on Ashley's feed, which is another reason that I think she is so raw and real with those who follow her. You know that if Ashley shares it, she really does love it, rather than just wanting a quick paycheck.

I had sent Ashley product in the past and often saw her wear it, which is why I was crossing my fingers (and okay, maybe I said a prayer or two!) that she would agree to collaborate with us. Much to my delight, she said yes!

Ashley chose the quote, "Simplify your life." by Henry David Thoreau. The full quote being, "Simplify your life. Don't waste the years struggling for things that are unimportant. Don't burden yourself with possessions. Keep your needs and wants simple and enjoy what you have. Don't destroy your peace of mind by looking back, worrying about the past. Live in the present. Simplify!"

From the design, to colors and the product, both the t-shirt and the sweatshirt were completely designed by Ashley.

My hope is that the words she chose will be Honey for your Soul and maybe even encourage you that sometimes less is more in life. 

Give Ashley a follow @arrowsandbow and snag a shirt, or two, while you are at it.

P.S. Ashley will be donating 10% of her profits to Child Hope Services. 

Thanks for reading friends.


Abby - Founder and CEO


A Reminder: Don't Quit

A Reminder: Don't Quit

I woke up this morning to this poem from my Dad. I get quotes from him occasionally and I just love it. Whether it is applicable to what I am going through at the time or what has happened in the past, they are always a great encouragement to me. But, this one in particular hit me. I have learned that in life, and most certainly in business, bumps in the road are inevitable. Hard things happen and there is so much in life that is out of your control. But, if my dad has drilled one thing in my mind recently, it is resilience. He has always taught me that you can never beat someone who doesn't give up. I hope this poem is both a reminder and an encouragement for you, as it was for me. Hang in there and don't you dare quit!


Abby - Founder and CEO

New Releases: Fall 2018

New Releases: Fall 2018

It's one of my favorite weeks of the year! The week our Fall collection is released. Every year this is our biggest overhaul of the website. Meaning, we discontinue old product form the past year and revamp with all new releases. It is both completely exciting and utterly terrifying. But all in all, it is the best feeling when product I have worked on for months ahead of time is finally out for every one to see. Below, I am going to go through my favorite new products and why I love them!

The Madi  

The Madi muscle tank is a new style for us this year. I have wanted to make a shirt like this for the better part of a year now. My vision was to have a product that could be worn to your favorite workout class, but then easily transitioned to a comfy day time look. This muscle tank is longer than most shirts we make, as many women like the length to cover their bum while in workout leggings. My personal preference for styling The Madi is tying it in a cute front knot with high waisted jeans. I started wearing this top to the gym before the new product was released and I got so many compliments! Trust me, you will too. 

The Blair

The Blair sweatshirt is one of our most beloved styles. It seems like every Spring and Summer when we discontinue this product till the Fall, customers are begging for it to come back. We have revamped the style this year and I believe it is our best version yet! You will never want to take The Blair off! (Wash this product inside out and it will wear like brand new!)

The Lucy

The Lucy t-shirt has only been around for 6 months and it is quickly becoming my favorite top we have ever made. I love the versatility of wearing it with my favorite workout shorts or dressed up with booties and jeans for an adorable day date look. I wanted a t-shirt that looked effortless, as if you threw on your boyfriends oversized shirt, and I think we achieved just that with The Lucy! This is a staple. 

The Tatum

The Tatum has only been around for 6 months as well and I just love it! The Tatum is a twist on our old Tobi style. Made with different fabric and no waistband, I love the fit of this shirt. Tucked in jeans or worn with leggings, this shirt will give you that comfy casual look you are looking for! Also, this shirt is perfect for those warm blooded folk that get too hot in a fleece sweatshirt. This is for you!


My hope is that you love this Fall collection as much as I do! There really is nothing better than a cozy Fall day in Soul Honey!



Founder and CEO